travel and leisure… ha

traveling with a baby is taxing.  and then some.

we made our first flight with baby – clear across the country on a non-stop 5 hour plane ride.  what did baby do, you ask?  well, she: mouthed the car seat, bounced in the car seat, stared at the ceiling, grabbed the hair of the girl in front of us (the girl who had a shunt in her head due to a disease), mouthed the armrest, stared and squawked at the row behind us, mouthed the chair, mouthed me, bounced in my lap, walked with daddy for diaper changes, flirted with the stewardess, mouthed the seat buckle, squawked some more, crawled in the car seat, mouthed the carseat, played peekaboo with anyone and everyone.  lather, rinse, and repeat.

did you notice that the word “nap” didn’t appear in the list of activities?  (i have to say, if i’m being perfectly honest, that she slept a whole 40 minutes.  which is shy of the normal 2.5 hours she usually takes during this time.)

and yes, the ear pressure changes annoy baby to the point of screams and cries.  rice poofs save the day when a baby refuses to nurse due to the changes.

turns out our baby girl is an extrovert.  she pushed herself into the stewardess’s arms who then carried her away from us (with our okay) and walked up and down the airplane.  not once did baby girl look back at us, to see if we were there.  we were sold out for a pair of wings that they gave her.  where did this extrovert come from?  we’re not extroverts.  we must have picked her up from under a bridge.

later, on the rental car shuttle, she crawled into the lap of the nice italian girl on holiday seated next to me.  (um… huh… do you mind holding her – she’s kind of already in your lap, but i feel as if i should ask – … no, baby, jacket is not for eating!… so sorry about that… um… yeah… so, do you mind holding her?)  her father next to her played with baby too, patting her head and playing games. i looked away to speak with b and turn back and then it’s, um, does that man really have his finger in my daughter’s mouth?  is she really chewing on his finger?  is he remarking on her teeth?  and where has that hand been?  on second thought, after all that she mouthed on the plane, that man’s finger was like holy water in comparison.  so, i kept silent and grinned.

as we made it to our hotel, i took inventory of our baggage.  one big suitcase and backpack with camera/computer for mom and dad, combined.  and baby?  one stroller, one car seat, one diaper bag, 2 carriers, one carry on bag, one medium sized suitcase.  oh, and we still need to buy diapers and wipes and solids.

all in all, we made it to california without incident.  now if only plate tectonics could move the east coast next to california, all would be copacetic.

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2 Responses to travel and leisure… ha

  1. virgoniantransplant says:

    copacetic? i’ve never seen that word before

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