it’s no secret that i adore my family.  i. adore. them.


– their antics, though i could dispense with the dirty boxers in bed.

– their sincerity.

– their unabashed joie de vivre.

– their faith.

– the way they, and only they, can make me laugh till my belly aches.

– the way we can rib on each other ad naseum but it’s not really ad naseum because we never tire of it.

– a shared love for the truly great, like the three ninjas movie.

– smack talking at pretty much everything, which brings me to…

– cheating at pretty much every game when possible.

– endless nights playing four sevens (aka as um four diamonds um huh uh yeah) and black jack.

– we’ve gone through some difficult times – and we survived. and still love each other.

– it’s never boring to be with them.

– l as in ryan.  or the bluebird exit.

yeah.  i’m grateful.  family rocks.


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5 Responses to grateful

  1. TacoBellHarm says:

    Huh…yeah, so that four diamonds game…anything like this game my family played called four sevens? Such good times we had playing that game and calling it by its proper name of four sevens.

  2. TacoBellHarm says:

    ah, the old standby of four diamonds. is that perhaps similar at all to the game i along with my dear family used to play so aptly dubbed four sevens? i remember my wonderful family playing this game four sevens many a night, a game involving four sevens and called four sevens. while playing four sevens, our family would often say, “hey let’s play four sevens” and “appa is cheating at four sevens” and “four sevens is the name of the card game we are playing right now”. ah yes, four sevens, a game and a name my family would never forget.

    anyway, so this four diamonds…similar or no?

  3. mamacharm says:

    tacobellharm? what’s the harm? and why the two e-mail address and two IP addresses?

    four diamonds… who says that? hehehe. love me some edit.

    it’s a wonderful life on christmas eve, anyone, eh?

  4. TacoBellHarm says:

    Hahaha, the first time I posted from my phone so I wasn’t sure if it had gone through. I typed it later on my computer and voila, two posts. Now I just look foolish. Or maybe it’s just my spandex.

  5. TacoBellHarm says:

    Shoot, I did the same thing on estin’s blog. His breath smells like boogers. I WONDER WHY.

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