life as i knew it

it’s weird.  there are times throughout the day that i think, “oh, that’s worth noting.”  and then, i sit in front of the computer and i can’t remember.  i wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that lil miss is still not sleeping through the night…  argh.


people frequently told me that once i had the baby that i would never be able to imagine life without her.  i find that to be completely untrue.  i have a rather good idea as to what my life would be like.

i’d be running.  i’d be making dinner, baking, quilting, and sleeping at least six hours a night.  in a row.

i’d be up on current events.  i’d have seen movies and gone out past six p.m.

i’d be drinking coffee, not the decaffeinated stuff, and a glass of wine.

i would not be waking up to the sounds of a little baby hooting like an owl in her crib as she wakes up.  i would not be chasing a little wagging toosh across our floor or watching a little baby walk towards me with outstretched arms.

i would not be covered in baby slobber from baby kisses.  and i wouldn’t be changing dirty diapers.  or wiping up baby food that gets sprayed from raspberries being blown during mealtimes.

my heart would not melt each and every time i heard her giggle.  nor would smiles come unbidden to my lips as i watch her discover the wonders of the kleenex box (did you know if you pull a tissue out, another one comes up behind it?  and another?!)

i would not be falling in love all over again with each chance i get to glimpse that little face and discover more of this unfathomably fascinating person.  and thanking God incessantly for this miracle that has given my life a new fullness and overwhelming wholeness.

yeah, i can imagine my life before i had a baby.  you can have it.


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