i’ve got the crafting bug in me again.  what this means is lots of fabric, gathering of scissors and needles, and, this go-around, patterns.  yep – patterns.  i’m venturing out into making clothes.  eeks.

i made a long sleeve dress for lil miss a couple of weeks ago.  made the sleeves too skinny – her baby arms couldn’t get through.  and did you know that babies have a head-to-body ratio that is something on the order of a gazillion to one?  i’m not kidding.  apparently, all the geniuses of the world are babies.

speaking of babies, we have new wall trim of which i wasn’t aware.  it’s about two feet high. scratch and sniff tests assure me it could possibly taste like sweet potato and green beans.

back to being crafty, my husband loves this about me.  you can ask him.  especially when i pour for hours online at different fabric choices, asking him his opinion on every single one, and then ordering fabric when i have stashes (stashes which, of course, don’t work for these dreamy garments that dance in my head).

i might be obsessed.

just a little.

by a lot.


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2 Responses to crafty

  1. virgoniantransplant says:

    when you “pour” for hours online? dude, you must be sleep deprived.

  2. mamacharm says:

    yes, sleep deprived is right. i don’t know what i would do with myself if i slept for six hours straight. i think i would go out and buy a lottery ticket because obviously i must be lucky.

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