tales from the crib, etc.

i made the lil miss a mobile.  it consisted of five styrofoam eggs i covered in paint, ribbon, flowers, and tulle.  i glued figures on the bottoms too so that she’d have something legitimate to look at versus the underside of some animal.

a couple of days ago, i saw only three eggs hanging.  apparently, babyzilla is tall enough to wrench the eggs free.


the crib ranks fairly high on the things she likes to teethe on.  she’s a little woodchuck.  she eats paint.


baby thinks red is a great color for me.  she gave me yet another red mark on my cheek.  and my eyes are constantly bloodshot.  sleeping through the night is a myth.

oddly, i don’t mind.


we went out to dinner with some friends and their daughter yesterday.  they had a number of appetizing entrees, and b was debating between two.

g: i’m going to have pasta. although, the specials sounds terrific.

b: ok, g, which of the two would you like to eat?  mussels or tuna?

g:  mussels!

few minutes later…

waiter:  what would you like to order tonight?

b:  tuna.



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One Response to tales from the crib, etc.

  1. TacoBell says:

    I don’t understand…since when do you order a single item at a buffet?

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