loud noises!

i watched anchor man a while ago.  it’s where i got introduced to steve carrell.  in it, brick, his character, yells, “loud noises!”

lil miss might be brick.

over the weekend, she discovered (again) that she can voluntarily yell.  i mean, she would yell in protest if something was taken away, got hurt, etc.  but now, joy of joys, she can just look at you (or the air in front of her) and open her mouth and YELL.

omigoodness.  mama, did you know that you can YELL?  why aren’t you doing it?  YELLing is tremendous!  watch, i can do it again: YELL!

and when we are rocking her to sleep?  is there a more opportune time to YELL?

she cracks me up.  seriously.  who knew one could derive so much pleasure from yelling? i can’t wait to find out what she discovers next.  it really is entirely magical to watch her discover these things that we take for granted.

i’m waiting for her to discover the magic of cleaning up.


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