happy birthday (a day behind)

lil miss,

you turned one!  i blinked.  and then you had to up and go turn one.  the nerve!  i call you baby still and it’s strange to think that you’re walking around now and my baby and not just slugging it on the floor being my baby.  i have a feeling you will be 65 and i’ll still be calling you my baby.  that’s right, when you get married and the minister asks, “will you take this woman to be your…” i will chirp up and say, “my good man, don’t you mean baby?  and baby, you’re all grown up now?  what happened?  are you 31 already?  because that’s when dad said it would be all right for you to meet boys.  did we have great teen years too?”  seriously, life seems to be moving that fast.

you’ve covered a lot of ground, literally and figuratively, this past year.  you’ve gone from being a wrinkly little sack of sugar to a movin and groovin walking munchkin who gifts cheerios to worthy recipients.  (on that worthy recipient list: the floor, high chair, stuffed animals, and sometimes human beings who can actually consume said cheerios.)

i’m immensely proud to be your mama.  your personality has emerged and you are a sweet, sweet girl with a keen curiosity and definite ants in the pants.  you are affectionate (but really, maybe one of these days you won’t scream with delight at little babies who only know to respond by crying – gentle screams, please) and you make me laugh till my belly aches. 

thank you, Lord, for this precious baby and the chance to be her mama.

and, baby, thank you for being only the most amazing, singularly fascinating person that you are.  i adore you.

happy birthday,


*why is this a day behind?  because for some odd reason, i turn into this insane human being, channeling martha stewart without her crew at 10PM till 2 AM or so.  we did celebrate her birthday yesterday as appropriate though.  lil miss loves her some cake!  good girl!  oh, oh, oh, i mean baby!  baby!  yikes – really, is girlhood just around the corner?  *sigh*


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