square peg, round hole

dear internet,

i’m writing to you to ask why setting in sleeves on a garment is impossible.  clearly, it is a mean trick to play on seamstresses and wannabes.  i sewed a fantastic oliver + s two plus two blouse until i got to the sleeves.  i ripped out the sleeve, oh i don’t know, 7, 8, a zillion times.  i pinned the other one and realized i had pinned it not only to the armhole but also to the main body of the blouse.  i am now on the west coast and the blouse remains on the sewing table.  where it will stay there till lil miss outgrows it.  argh.

i know that there are lots of talented craftsters who use you.  please zap one my way and have  him/her teach me how to put in the sleeves.  and please bring a pinot noir while you are at it.

thank you.


lil miss now PROTESTS putting on anything over her head or putting her arms into sleeves.

during the thirty seconds it takes to dress me, i might actually miss something.  like, the earth could stop spinning!  a cheerio could roll across the floor! the roof might mend itself! a purple unicorn with a dancing leprechaun wearing a rhinestone tiara might be waiting at the door – on a unicycle!

and did i mention that she doth PROTEST loudly?  like, YELLing loudly?

good thing i can’t seem to set in sleeves when making her clothes- less for her to PROTEST.


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2 Responses to square peg, round hole

  1. virgoniantransplant says:

    wow, you’re tired. oregon produces world-class pinot noirs!

    • mamacharm says:

      that’s great and all, but does that mean that said world-class pinot noirs are making their way to my wine glass?

      also, do you have favorite colors?

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