that pretty much sums it up.

the time i have left before i expect lil miss to wake up.

the level of progress of the ri-dunc-ulous number of projects i’ve started but haven’t completed.

this post.


note to self:  take photos of things you are working on and, even, consider posting them.  perhaps this will be the cracking whip needed to get things completed.

oh, wait!  i did complete THREE knitted things:  a pixie hat for lil miss, a cowl for a grandmother, and a cowl for lil miss.

and i did finish that so-called toddler quilt that would fit the toddlers of giants.  seriously, my husband can use it comfortably.  all 6’3″ of him.  eeks… it’s not technically finished because for whatever reason i decided that i would embroider a label for it.  EMBROIDER.  have i ever done embroidery before?  no.

so, things left undone and needing completion:

– s’s knitted cowl (just started that today)

– another knitted christmas present: a grandmother’s scarf

– embroidered label

– oliver + s 2+2 blouse (argh – i’ve been working on that for months now… like, i started it late summer.  argh.)

– another christmas present on the needles right now

– a quilted advent calendar that hasn’t even been started, so maybe this is one less on the “undone” list… ha! ack.  no.  i feel like that’s cheating.

– in which case, i should also add the asymmetrical coat for lil miss

– oh, and those brown cords i made for lil miss that needs its waistband redone

– and the tunic that needs a fix on the hem

– two more knitted cowls for christmas presents

um… where is that world class oregon pinot noir? and the extra set of arms? doppelganger, anyone?


this post is no longer brief.


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