the oliver+s blouse is done!  and i love it.  really love it.  it’s the best thing i’ve sewn yet.

also done: s’s cowl and halmuni’s scarf (well, i still need to block it… but it’s off the needles!)

on the needles: a cowl for the MIL and a special scarf for someone.  well, i’m hoping it gets done.  the scarf is a royal pain to make.

also: thanksgiving, done!  which is a good thing because i’m not sure how much more stretching my pants can take.

and so not done: the advent calendar or any shopping.

done:  this post.  good night!

(p.s. can we all say, welcome back, sewing machine! )

p.p.s. did i really say a welcome to my sewing machine?  yeah.  hello, bed! over and out…

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