a glimpse

just a peek at what i’ve been up to…  this is for a certain beloved grandmother in the windy city to keep out the chill.


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just because...
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2 Responses to a glimpse

  1. estherlim says:

    Yikes…that’s a mighty fine piece of knitting right there. o_O How long did it take you to make that?? (and how are you managing to do this while doing everything else??)

    • mamacharm says:

      honestly, i don’t sleep. my body has adapted to sleeping 4 hours. crazy. and thanks for the compliment! i’m finding that i really love knitting. but i’m getting antsy to go back to sewing. but you can’t take a sewing machine with you unlike knitting.

      how was e’s visit with you? it sounded like y’all had a great time. and belated merry christmas!

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