more glimpses…

well, it looks like my family won’t be coming for a couple more days.  so here are some peeks at what’s to come, seeing as how my father and grandmothers don’t check this site.

appa’s scarf (based on joelle hoverson’s rustic scarf from last minute knitted gifts):

halmuni’s cowl (cowl is a neckwarmer – this way she won’t have to fuss with the tails of a scarf and just pop it over her head – a plus, i’m hoping, given her parkinsons.  cowl is darkside cowl from

lil miss’ cowl made with the leftover yarn (all right, i know, it’s not a christmas present for her since she’s been wearing for months now, but whatever.  and yes, she has food all down the front of her outfit.  what?  you don’t?  that’s just crazy talk.):

more of chicago halmuni’s scarf (pattern from

on a related note, you know why you can’t wash wool warm?  it’s because it turns into FELT.  that’s right.  felt.  on the other hand, the yarn used to make chicago halmuni’s scarf is superwash merino wool from lornas laces.  it’s amazingly soft and they’ve put it through a process so that you can wash it.  if it weren’t so spendy, i’d buy loads of it.  and then put it in the bathtub and sit.  actually, i’d do that with the yarn used in my dad’s scarf.  it’s made of baby alpaca and is hands-down the softest material i’ve ever touched.  well, maybe equal to cashmere.  but even then, i don’t know.  it’s hard to say.  so, i’d fill the bathtub with the plymouth yarn baby alpaca and sit in it.

also, why is it that both of my grandmothers like the color pink so much?  while knitting these items, since i did those projects back to back, i felt like shelby from steel magnolias, all blush and bashful. or pepto bismal.  depends on the day.


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One Response to more glimpses…

  1. virgoniantransplant says:

    zomgoodness, these are awesome! nice work, martha

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