catching up

i’m rather terrible at keeping up with this blog thing.  i’ve never been one to journal, really, so i’m not exactly surprised.  and what didn’t make it on my list of resolutions?  blogging.  heh.  actually, i haven’t done resolutions.  i’m in denial that it is already 2010.  such nonsense.

here are some more of the handmade items from this past christmas:

a pillow for our neighbor.  i especially love the yellow ruffle.  the enclosure is done with braided embroidery floss.  i will definitely be making pillows again.

for lil miss’ fabulous, and i do mean fabulous, nanny: a turquoise mini-shawl (stone henge fiber mill: i love your yarn!)

for a sister-in-law’s birthday that falls several days before christmas (welcome to the club!), the same mini-shawl in a demure pink (lornas laces superwash wool: i might love you more!):

for a beautiful niece, a sweater coat that was a tad big.  sheesh.

it has a zipper and, my favorite detail, a handmade fabric covered button:

and simply because i can’t resist: cute little baby feet.  i love them.  i would have them every morning with a cappuccino if i could.  don’t shake your head at me: you can’t resist those dimpled feet either.

still on a sock knitting bender, but hope to be resuming my sewing soon.  my machine – it calls out to me!


having written that, sewing is fantastic but rather inconvenient.  knitting is great because it lets me spend time in the same room with the dude.  now, it is superbowl time, or something or the other, so there is a lot of men in spandex on the small screen.   which means that spending time with the dude is kind of down-graded for the time being.  there’s only so many times i can nod and look blithely aware, yet very much not aware.  away to the sewing machine i go!


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One Response to catching up

  1. virgoniantransplant says:

    good gracious these are awesome. haven’t seen them yet. wow.

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