you spin me right round

lil miss is growing.  i know.  surprise!  babies grow!  and did you know that the earth is round too?  whoa, nelly.

she’s been walking around for a while now, having decided at ten months that crawling is oh so juvenile.  but now she walks backwards.  and she twirls.  and runs.  lil miss is an outdoors kinda gal.  understandable, given that living in a rowhouse affords you only a 14 foot wide space that might be 50 feet long.  when she goes outside, she runs with her arms outstretched and shouting gleefully.  it’s one of the most adorable things i’ve ever seen.

her pure joy in moving around outside makes me appreciate how wonderful it is to be seeing the world through her.  i know it’s cliche, but it’s true.  there’s something magical about a child’s perspective.

and it’s completely unmagical how her glee in running outdoors doesn’t make me any more excited about this half marathon that i’ve apparently signed up for in two months.  yikes.


lil miss still doesn’t like to eat.  and i’m fairly certain she doesn’t read us magazine.  which then begs the question: where did she learn about eating disorders?  all kidding aside, the lil miss doesn’t care for eating.  unless it’s a baked good.  gee, i wonder where that came from?


how do you know that your life has changed?  when you are conducting a business interview from home and you are writing on a legal pad with a “blue violet” crayon because that’s what’s within reach.

next up: your new work wardrobe, complete with ad hoc polka dots courtesy of your child’s breakfast.

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