and the cobbler’s children have no shoes

i love making things.  knitting, sewing, paper stuff, baking… not so much into cooking though.  or the cleaning up afterwards.  ANYWAY.  the other week, we had someone come over to do an informal evaluation on lil miss’ speech progression.  you see, she didn’t really have words then.  great listening skills and can understand things, like “let’s go outside,” “would you like this to go get the door?”, etc.  but no words.  (now, she does have some “words.” she’ll pant when she sees a dog, says “da” or “ya” for “yes,” and dagnabbit if she doesn’t say “da da” for daddy.  mommy is still without a word.  i settle for outstretched arms.)

as a thank you to the speech therapist, who was doing this as a favor, i made something for her toddler son.

i have seen these on the internet and there are lots of tutorials.  mine, i think, mostly resembles the one from Skip to My Lou.  it’s a crayon roll!

i used this excellent canvas from ikea. it reminds me of our city’s skyline a bit:

and i adore the caged birds:

here is the crayon roll laid out:

the fabric holding the crayons in is a cute japanese canvas with dinosaurs on them.

and rolled up:


and i made this little thing for lil miss’ nanny, for her coffee excursions:

it’s a bit less orange-y in person.  i had seen someone with this and thought it was a good idea.  just take a coffee sleeve and cut around it and add a closure.  i had no velcro but did have buttons.  voila!

i keep meaning to make things like these for myself and the family, but never get around to them.  i’m terrific at getting things made and gifted, but not for us.  why is that?


we’ve had one massive blizzard and another is underfoot now.  i love me some snow, but living in a city where street parking is the norm is putting a damper on my love.  we’ve had over two feet of snow and zero snow plows come by.  actually, that’s not true.  we did have one come by, get stuck making a turn, had half the block dig the truck out, and then the snow plow went on its merry way down our street WITHOUT ACTUALLY PLOWING ANY SNOW.  the dude said that he’d come back for us.

1) why didn’t he just plow the street as he was driving down the street?  i mean, really, is that such a novel concept? isn’t that how snow plows, i don’t know, PLOW????

2) the dude never came back.


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