b was giving lil miss a bath today.  while he was doing that, i was taking artsy photos of this gorgeous sock yarn i received.  and this sock yarn IS gorgeous!  soft, smooth, and the color of it is very deep.  sanguine gryphon makes good yarn.  and i was happily taking pictures of its glory.

and then.

this song that b was singing to lil miss (tune – if you’re happy and you know it):

oh, i wish i were a little bar of soap.  oh, i wish i were a little bar of soap.  i’d go squish, squish, squishy on everybody’s heiney. oh, i wish i were a little bar of soap.

and all i could see was mr. hanky the christmas poo.


i’ll have to post some photos up of some of the things i’ve been up to.  i’ve been busy so haven’t been able to get online much – although, i’ll admit that i’ve been catching up on past seasons of lost.  BUT!  i’ve been knitting while watching.  so, you know, it’s been productive.


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One Response to metamorphosis

  1. estherlim says:

    Aaaand thank you for making that crazy co-worker who is laughing out loud by herself in her cubicle.

    1) I’ll post the green tea cupcake recipe tonight.
    2) You should hear the comments I get for every person who opens my fridge and discovers the mound of packaged butter that’s sitting behind the milk.
    3) I’m moving to Portland this summer (!!) and will hopefully come out of grad school in two years with something legible. 🙂

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