an unintentional break

well.  it’s been a while since i last typed.

heh.  it’s the luxury of keeping this blog as i like and i just haven’t been motivated, haven’t had the time, insert your favorite reason here.  although, now that i am typing, it’s just nice to be typing something that isn’t “a need to write” – just an “i’d like to write.”

anyhow, the dude, lil miss, and i just came back from a much needed vacation to florida.  we stayed at a place that was smack dab in the middle of a residential area. i don’t know that we were aware of this, but you couldn’t tell at the resort and there were definitely some perks.  for example, target was only four minutes away!  this was awesome.  really.  living in the city, the nearest target is an actual adventure that we need to prepare for because it’s a ways away.  also, we don’t typically pack consummables to save on luggage space.  so, we were able to get diapers, sunscreen, etc.

ok.  really, that’s not that interesting is it?  on to more interesting things.  some highlights from the trip:

  • target!
  • lil miss loved the pool.  the sheer delight on her face from being in the pool was memorable.
  • she loved jumping off the ledge on the deep end.  not so sheer delight for this mama.
  • especially, when the deep end is taller than this mama.  thank the Lord for the dude who is taller.
  • the ocean terrified lil miss.  the surf knocked her over a couple of times (we’re talking at several inches deep) and that was the end.  the next time when we took her out, as soon as her toes hit the water, she sprinted back to the boardwalk without pausing for us, her stuff, nothing.
  • another favorite?  the stairs!  did you know that you can go up the stairs, then come back down, then back up, then back down?  and then back up?  and back down?  enthralling!
  • while we were eating lunch, lil miss indicated she wanted to go back to the pool.  her mouth was full of food.  in all of my profound wisdom, i said, “if you want to go to the pool, you need to empty your mouth.” she opened her mouth – and emptied it. right into my hand.  awesome.
  • at the pool, there was a big water slide.  she was transfixed and then let us know that she wanted to go down it.  well, we got up there, and all she wanted to do was direct all the children down the slide.  she did finally go down the slide.  not so exciting.  much better to boss other kids down the slide.
  • we did an inordinate amount of snuggling.  primarily due to the fact that she doesn’t sleep in cribs while traveling.  i’m not complaining.
  • lil miss, surprise in a totally unsurprising way, loves videos.  she loves finding nemo.  the cute thing about it all is that we have this book called fish kisses, so she kisses to indicate fish.  lots of kissing the air and pointing to the television on this trip.
  • is there anything more beautiful than the sight of a sleeping babe in crisp white sheets?

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