woolly binge

i’m about to go on a yarn spree.  i know, probably not that exciting to some of you.  but you simply haven’t experienced the magic of starting off with a skein of yarn, two needles (or one or four), and creating a fabric.  and not just fabric, but an actual, usable object.  it’s a literal transformation and so very satisfying.

the pace of knitting can be grindingly slow, especially compared to sewing.  but, there aren’t seams to finish (not my favorite thing to do) and neither are there patterns to trace and cut (also, not my favorite thing to do).  it’s portable.  and it is the perfect companion to watching some good quality tv or movie.  like, ratatouille. which i’ve watched now about a hundred times.

it’s what happens when you only have that and finding nemo and monsters, inc. and when your toddler is afraid of one and can’t find the other.  and the toddler is in charge of the dvd.

also, knitting needles don’t explode and embed themselves in one’s fingers.

anyhow, the air is crisp and the gifting season is coming up at an alarming pace.

so, obviously, yarn is needed.



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2 Responses to woolly binge

  1. Esther Lim says:

    Obviously. And yes, it is stupendously and gloriously exciting.

    Hm. I think we need to get your family some more animated movies. Monsters, Inc. is a favorite of mine, but sounds to me like you could also use, say…Madagascar…or…Ice Age?

    • mamacharm says:

      i’m thinking of toy story, beauty and the beast, mary poppins, broadway musicals. i can’t seem to get her interested in movies like butch cassidy and the sundance kid or anything that doesn’t have singing and dancing. or animated characters. or a substantive storyline with developed characters.

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