winter solstice

it’s the winter solstice.  the darkest day of the year when you think about how brief the sun’s appearance is today.


tomorrow, the sun will stay out a little longer.  and the day after that? a little bit longer.  welcome back, sunshine.


things that aren’t lingering longer: my daughter’s toddlerhood.

she’s growing up so quickly.  i know: everyone says to treasure this time because it goes by all too quickly.  how do you treasure something, though, when it goes by so incredibly stinkin’ fast?

things to love:

– she sings “ha’ cake you” (happy birthday to you, but she has her priorities straight) when happily faced with anything even remotely resembling a cake.  yes, we blow out candles too.  even when they are tea lights placed next to blueberry muffins.  don’t be jealous: you can do it too.

– she flips out with joy over some things, like her foam guitar and seeing some of her favorite people. and yes, i’d like to brag that i am one of them.  hehehe.

– she loves to dance along with the sound of music.  every time “do re mi” comes on, she grabs her guitar and plays along.  with the “lonely goatherd,” she yodels (well, makes crazy baby noises much like a drunk little duck). with the ballroom scene, she gets up and does a dance that would make mountain dew makers scratch their head at how to harness that energy in their drinks.  with “so long, farewell,” she diligently bleats “cuckoo” and tells the characters “go” as they exit.  also, she claps enthusiastically for each start and end of each song.

– you ask her who she loves, and she responds with an impish grin, “nana.” “um, who else?” “bop bop.” “and?” “dog dog” (we don’t have a dog.) “and?” “meow!” (also, we don’t have a cat.) “AND?” “habi.” “um, what about mama?” “nana?” rinse. repeat.

– i made an advent calendar last year and have used it about 30% of the time this year.  the routine? she grabs the bible verse from the pocket.  we read it together, and i mean together with her reading/babbling as i read. then, she puts it away and says, “treat time!” pavlov was right.

– really, the “ha’ cake you” kills me with joy every time.  i think it warrants another mention here.


so, i’ve relinquished my self-imposed gifting of handmade items for christmas.  did you know today is the 21st?  i’m sorry, time, but i don’t recall seeing the 5th – 18th so i’d like a mulligan. anyhow, it’s incredibly liberating to have freed myself from these projects. i’ll get to them and send them out as random “thinking of you” gifts later on in the new year.  and the world will still turn despite the altered timing.

having said that, i did manage to get some things off the needles and i’m happy to have some finished objects.

and i managed to sew for the first time last night since my accident.  it felt like coming home.  it was great. 

i seriously heart handmade.  there’s something about taking the time to research various textiles and fibers.  thinking about how the recipient would feel about this print or how this would feel against one’s skin.  and then the actual creating.  the time it takes and all the love that goes in it, because, frankly, it is rarely a cost effective endeavor when you factor in the time it takes to create something. well, i could probably be faster, but that’s beside the point.  gosh darn it, if i make you something, know it took me lots of time and, this coming from someone who loves expediency, this equates to love! got it?!  (and we won’t mention here that i might be addicted to cloth and yarn in general and that “gifting” gives my addiction a nobler purpose than simple hoarding…)


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