miraculously, i’ve had time to be crafty and sew some things.  one of lil miss’ friends, a boy whom we’ve shared childcare with, turned the magical age of two.  he’s got a sunny disposition, it’s summer, and, well, who doesn’t love a vibrant yellow?

big o for little o

i used dana’s tutorial to make this shirt for the handsome little guy, whose name starts (i suppose this is obvious) with an “o.”

big o for little o

i love this shirt! i’m going to have to make one for the lil miss too. the hand embroidery was a bit tedious because pulling a needle through the t-shirt material wasn’t exactly smooth. but the end result? sprinkliciously awesome!

and then there’s my niece. my wonderful, lovely niece who is unbelievably turning nine. nine, i tell you! and if i may brag a little, can i just say how proud i am of my brother and sister in law? they are raising a beautiful young lady. she is just awesome. it’s hard to believe that the little baby who used to call me “uncle” is now nine (and knows to call me aunt now too, ha).

a while ago, she had mentioned that she wanted a floor cushion. a cushion to sit on, to walk on, to read on. also, she let me in on her favorite color at the moment: green. um, green, cushion, and loves to read? sign me up for a seat cushion tutorial please! especially since there is yummy heather ross material to be used.

green rapunzel

rapunzel and seat cushion? perfection for this little gal.

also, i must say here, my lil miss LOVES her some rapunzel.  blame disney.  although, it’s kinda heartbreakingly cute when your toddler daughter is dancing and twirling, belting out “i have a dream! i have a dream!” off key at decibels heard around the block.  so, i had to get some “tangled” fabric for her too… to make her a cushion, too.

i used the sew, mama, sew seat tutorial to assemble the cushions.


and i have to say, the first cushion took me ages. it took me forever to attach the piping and then forever to attach the top of the cushion. the tutorial is extremely well written though – i think i just needed to do it once. either that or i’m just slow. anyhow, the second one went much faster. i finished the second one in one morning.

floor cushions

and can i just say i absolutely love the results? i’m so glad that heather ross had designed this particular fabric and that the tutorial was as clear as it was. i’m thrilled with the results! the only thing i’d change would be to make the bias tape wider as i found it to be a bit too narrow and the seam allowances were way thinner than i would have liked.

thank you to the brilliant crafty folks out there who made these projects possible! you ladies kinda rock.

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