g is for genyuss

i like to wear my babies.  arms, slings, soft structured carriers… whatever.  i love my be-behs.  dude gifted me a gorgeous ring sling for mother’s day and i decided to sell one that i have in my stash.  after what seemed like an eternity, i finally sold it to a sweet mama who had a brand new baby (squeal!).  i packaged it nicely and went to the post office.  being the diligent person that i am, i even paid for delivery confirmation.

the package was only going to pennsylvania. should be there in two or three days, the clerk says.  great!

armed with my delivery confirmation, i go home.  about five days later, i haven’t heard from the buyer, of whom i had requested that she let me know when she received the sling.  so, i whip out the delivery confirmation thingie:
and get on to that wonderful world wide web.  i put in the number on that post office site and oddly it tells me that there is no such package.  the next day, i try again.  and the next day, again.

i do this for a good five days.

then i look at the delivery confirmation thingie. see that part to the left, with the bar code?  that would be what is affixed on to the package.  meaning, that wasn’t the delivery confirmation i needed.  meaning that it was a spare i had picked up at the post office when i first went there to get packing supplies.  meaning that the real delivery confirmation thingie was somewhere in my house.

i found it.  sure enough, when i typed it in, the package had been delivered two days after i had mailed it.

watch out, mensa.  my application is forthcoming.


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