it is done! it’s really, really finally done! m’s special pillow. whew.

m's pillow

this is a bajillion stitches. i’ve counted. not really. because that would have required more patience. but, the pillow is done! it’s wonderful to see my little doodle come to life and i’ve enjoyed embroidering it. like knitting, there is something to creating something stitch by stitch. you think about for whom you’re making this and you stitch in all the love, hope, and warmth that you can.

m's pillow

if not, i imagine that one might give up out of tedium.

embroidered m

anyhow, lil miss has a constant companion: ginger.  this doll is beyond loved.  hugged so much, her stuffing is all bunched around in odd places, mostly downwards.  she is never clothed.  i suppose it makes for better hugging.  bedtime doesn’t exist without her.  and new adventures cannot be started without ginger’s approval.


this  charming age is fleeting and i’m happy to have memorialized it.  some details:

– pillow is a simple envelope style

– purple fabric is lecien’s memoire a paris lawn (though it doesn’t feel like a lawn to me). i also used this fabric for a dress for lil miss.

– gray linen

– dmc cotton floss

and what makes this all worth it? lil miss’ excited eyes when she saw it.  yes, darling, you are ever so welcome.
m's pillow


(oddly, the pillow appears pointy. it really isn’t. i am not a good pillow fluffer apparently.)


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4 Responses to patience

  1. Esther Lim says:

    o_O (imagine this face blown up by about 100 times…)

  2. Carol Fraley says:

    This was a wonderful craft of love! I’m thinking about borrow your idea for my grand daughter and her teddy.

    • mamacharm says:

      You should! In the end, I’m so happy I did. More and more I realize how fleeting this time is and stitching this helped me to remember to savor this age. And of course, lil miss’ smiles and hugs are pretty terrific rewards.

      The only thing I wish I had done is to use a stabilizer to hide the threads a bit better.

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