stretching her wings

the day has come.


and it’s a bittersweet day. it’s exciting because, well, she’s growing up and going to experience a new set of adventures that will nurture her intelligence, curiosity, and sociability. but it’s sad because, well, she’s growing up.

my baby. growing up and going to school. *sigh*


so her first day was two weeks ago now. she was excited and we had toast and juice for breakfast. not even a backwards glance as she pranced into the classroom and busied herself with the activities on hand. but now, as the novelty has worn off, she is more reluctant to go to school.

there’s a part of me that wants to say, “ok, baby, you can stay home.” after all, once this school thing starts, it doesn’t stop for years and years. never again, really, will she have all this time to stay at home and be close. instead, it’ll be a daily grind of getting up and going somewhere else for a good part of the day. rinse and repeat.

the other part of me recognizes that she’ll thrive in this experience and that she’ll have an adjustment period of going to school, whether it’s now or later.

all of me, however, does agree that this day came much faster than i thought it would. i have to admit, it’s hard to see her grow. never did time march relentlessly forward as it does in the case of a growing babe.


also, she is coming home with the funniest ideas. for example, the other day she tried to pee standing up. awesome.

but! she also is napping without a diaper too now! who knew?


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