on august 23, i made my way back to the office for the first time after having had the lil bean. as it was the first time, the return to work was odd. you realize that you don’t have a baby in your arms and they feel empty. then you realize that you can grab a coffee/tea without interruption. it’s all very mixed up.

anyways, the first day back, we had a meeting for our department in the afternoon. and then, our building shook. to say it was surreal would be an understatement. before i could process it, the building shook again. we were evacuated outside.

to the terrace.

on the fourth floor. that same terrace that adjoins a big honking hotel. a hotel with lots and lots of floors.

which meant that we were still in our building and not on the ground away from buildings. and did i mention the hotel with lots and lots of floors?

an auspicious start to my return to work.

lil miss on the other hand had a blast. when we got home, she ran upstairs, flung herself into bed and sang “my favorite things” gleefully. apparently, earthquakes are fun.

the days following the blessfully minor earthquake were reported sadly thus: no shakes today, mama. no shakes.

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