this is about my favorite time of year.  fall.  the leaves start a turning, the air becomes crisper, and pumpkin spice lattes become a part of my life again.  oh, and the pumpkin bread.  and pumpkin cream cheese muffins.  and pumpkin pie.

i like pumpkin.

but also?  i love me a good wine.  a nice, full-bodied wine, a touch on the dry side.  as you may know, fall is home to the season of crush – when the grapes are first harvested and crushed into the first tastings of wine.  yum.

but, you know, the bean was only just born 4 months ago (holy cow, it’s already been four months though!).  and as a breastfeeding mama, i’m afraid wine is going to be out of my vocabulary for a while.

introducing: grape.  this sweater was named in the honor of crush.  i’d call it crush, but it’s for lil miss.  grape is a touch more appropriate, don’t you think?


this is the camilla sweater by the talented carrie bostick hoge.  it took under two skeins of lornas’ laces greenline worsted in the blackberry colorway.  and you have to squish this sweater.  the garter stitch makes this sweater infinitely squishy.  it’s like wearing a grape-y hug.  if you’re looking for an interesting, modern sweater for your tot, i’d highly recommend this.  the pattern was thoughtfully written and i love the finished sweater. the fan pattern running down the sweater is ah-dorable.

this sweater had been lagging a bit in the project work in progress queue, but celebrate color came along to give me the nudge i needed to get this done.

Celebrate Color

and am i ever glad to have this cute little knit done!  lil miss, who thankfully adores having hand knit sweaters, has gleefully claimed this as hers.  that little “mine?” accompanied by her impish little little grin will never get old.  yay!

what fall things are you looking forward to?


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2 Responses to crush

  1. The color and knit is to DIE for. I would love to wear this! So glad that Celebrate Color gave you that little push to finish. Hope your Lil Miss enjoys it a lot!

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