a palette for fall

gosh, you guys, thanks for your votes!  i came in second for the yarn category of celebrate color!  everyone produced such lovely things across the categories that i’m humbled to have received your votes.  so, thank you.

if i can get my act together, i may participate again.  it really was fun!  plus, an excuse to get my fabric or knit on?  yes, please.


i’ve been thinking about the premise more: colors of fall.   and for me, fall evokes more feelings than it does colors.  fall conjures up feelings of returning home, warmth, laughter, love, preparation, contentment, a carpe diem to seize what remains of the sun.

with these feelings, i associate some colors. anything warm really – golds, red, oranges, browns, whites (those sheep who graciously provide their wool!), charcoal, greens (i’m thinking of vegetables here – artichokes, etc.), and deep aubergine purples.

i’ve started pinning on pinterest, and here some of my thoughts on colors i find in the fall:


Source: wrsol.com via mamacharm on Pinterest


Source: etsy.com via mamacharm on Pinterest


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