when i first entered celebrate color, it was to help me get going on a project that i had on the proverbial back burner.  it all worked out and i was able to complete a sweater that lil miss and i love in a color that reminds me of some good things that happen in the fall.  like harvesting grapes for wine.

i might have also had a whole half glass of wine in there too.  i know.  i’m going all out party rockstar over here.

fall flower

but the whole thing got me thinking more about color in general and color in the fall.  i did a post already on some fall color inspirations.  as i was exploring, i kept coming back to the images of chrysanthemums.  how gorgeous are they?  and these tri-color chrysanthemums?  i felt like i was getting lost in the depth of their vibrant colors.  so different, too, in shape from your run of the mill chrysanthemum.  in fact, i think that they are a cross between mums and daisies.  but my horticultural references kind of cap out at quick google searches.  ahem.

fall flower

with that colorful fall flower hanging out in my periphery, i decided to doodle one and bring it to life.  and what better way to do that than through needlepoint?  i’m still new to needlepoint, methinks, as this is only my second project really with it.  the first one, though, had me smitten.

i drew out the flower and started filling it in, stitch by careful stitch.  i used a number of stitches: long and short, satin, french knot, chain, back, and split stitches.

fall flower

having finished it, i wondered what on earth i was going to do with it.  pillow?  wall hanging?  oh, wait.

fall flower
heyyyyy, there, big red.

bye bye red bag

meet my knitting bag, brought to you by generic ABC company.  let’s jazz things up, shall we?  after all, what knitting bag couldn’t use a little more spunk?  well, what knitting bag of mine couldn’t use a little more spunk…

fall flower

i waffled a bit here on what color to use to frame the flower.  but i started thinking of fall again and one of the things that helps me realize fall is here is the reappearance of that wonderful clothing staple:  denim.  fall is when i put away my comfy sundresses and pull out the jeans and sweaters that keep my cozy as the weather turns.

fall flower

denim blue linen?  done!

and voila!  my new knitting bag in all those colors that make me happily think of fall. whoop whoop!

fall flower

and i took a poll of my yarn. do you like the new bag? why yes, we are quite cozy in here.

bag of yummy yarn

why don’t you take us out for a spin already?

fall flower

i was wondering when you’d ask me that, oh you luscious yarn you.

thanks again, stitched in color, for this great event!

Celebrate Color

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4 Responses to coloring

  1. I just love your red flower,,,the embroidery is beautiful. I wish i were brave enough to use those lovely bright colours.. that go so well with that blue of the bag.

  2. mamacharm says:

    aw, thanks! today is a grey day where i am and i have to say the cheerful hues are brightening things up considerably. thanks again!

  3. Shannon C. says:

    So super lovely! I’m inspired by your embroidery to try some! It’s just gorgeous and definitely Fall-y!

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