oh my goodness. i can’t believe how fast october went. i took a breath and poof! october vanished.

during that breath, my lil miss turned three. three. and at the rate time is accelerating, she’ll be asking for car keys next week.

which i’d be ok with since that would mean that someone else could be responsible for the keys whereabouts. i’m abysmally bad at remembering where i put them. in fact, a couple of weeks ago, i actually tried to call my keys in trying to locate them. you know how you call a cell phone to locate it? like that. except keys don’t ring.


remember all that tulle? all glorious (ack, that was so much tulle) 30 yards, which became 40 yards with an extra invitee? they turned into this:


and you know? i’m glad i did that. it’s oliver and s’ little things to sew tutu pattern. it came together superbly and i have to say that little girls in tutus are pretty fabulous.


we had a lot of food. it was supposed to be a tea party of sorts and the “of sorts” won out.


we had the requisite cream cheese and various fruits/cucumber tea sandwiches, shrimp and feta orzo, pigs in a blanket, fruit, a korean soupy stew (spicy!), and of course cake.


fantastic burnt sugar and strawberry cake. delicious.

so that was party number one.

oh yes. party number one.

we had two parties. the first one was with immediate family and it was fantastic to see everyone. the next one was with lil miss’ ginormous playgroup and was hosted by three birthday girls, all born within 5 days of each other. the colors in this photo pretty much sum it up:


it was held at an indoor funland of sorts. hyperactivity is the tagline here.

and oh did she have fun.

happy birthday, sweet sweet lil miss. i love you so much.  you are coming into your own daily and i love your uncensored stream of consciousness.  it’s remarkable to have glimpses into that creative brain of yours and is it ever creative.  you love imaginative play, art, singing, and dancing.  you love your little brother – exuberantly so.  you still RUN but every so often you look back and pause and extend your hand to be held.  three is a precious age.  you’re exercising your independence and yet you still curl yourself around my neck.  your plaintive “mama”s are cries that still tug at my heart – and i hope that they always do for you will ever be my baby.

also, you still have a toddler belly.  i love its rotund shape.  and your baby cheeks.  nom nom.

happy happy, darling girl.


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