for a while now, i’ve eyed birch fabrics’ story boek line. the color palette and the whimsical prints are darling and my kids and husband really wanted them.

uh, yes. that’s right. or not. moving right along…

story boek

i finally decided to splurge on some of it with the great hope that i’ll have some toddler size quilts by solstice. i know – solstice is some time away but my WIP list is a bit long. totally doable though if there were 48 hours in a day. or maybe a 24 hour day with an infant who actually slept.


so, here we are. i don’t know how many squares i’ve got cut out, but the lil bean assures me it’s not the full number i need. and that’s just for bean’s quilt. then i’ve got to cut out the lil miss’ quilt squares.


i’m looking forward to quilting. i haven’t done it in some time and the thought of covering up my children with warm quilts gives this mama some warm fuzzies herself.



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