when lil miss was 1, i ordered some pants.  i was very excited about these pants.  they were hip, comfortable, and in an adorable shade of green.  with this white pattern on them. oh dear.  they sound odd, don’t they?  you’ll have to take my word for it.  they were cute pants.

my brother was visiting me at the time that i got these pants in the mail.  excitedly i held them.  he looked at them cockeyed and then snatched them.  deliberately, he put one leg in and then the other.  and then he proceeded to ZIP THEM UP.  without an issue.

you guys, my 5’10” or 11″ or whatever, brother in his twenties ZIPPED up MY pants for my 5’6″ person without incident.

and he zipped them up without getting me a glass of wine to blunt the sting.  so inconsiderate.

fast forward: i’m now a mother of two.  my hips?  yeah.  haha.  mah birthin’ hips?  these hips? that were born to bear?

those cute little pants?  yeah.  they don’t come up over these hips.  one day they might.  one day.   perhaps the same day that i turn down a cold stone ice cream cookie sandwich.  although, really, if that day ever should come, someone please knock some sensibility into me.  aaaannnnndddd, i digress.

those pants.  yep, they’ve been relegated to the “one day” pile that currently occupies 90% of my wardrobe.  the other 10%?

that would be my maternity clothes.  yep.  six months post partum and i’m still working those maternity jeans.  seriously? who can argue with elastic? and with thanksgiving here in a couple of days, well, let’s say that i’m well prepared.

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2 Responses to stretch

  1. estherlim says:

    Dear Grace,

    I’m going to thank you in advance for this post.

    And…in case the above-mentioned brother happens to be (and is very likely to be) the one I know much too well, I’m going to apologize as well. I will let you know when I have adequately smacked him. 🙂

    • mamacharm says:

      yes. good guess. i look at those pants every time i open up that dadgum pants drawer. and i cry tears of bitterness as i shake my fist to the west…

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