every year at this time, i find myself in the same position: what do i make for christmas for folks? this year, i thought i was ahead of the game.  i bought yarn and fabric and even went so far as to match up the fiber and textiles to actual patterns.  go me!

or so i thought.

in an effort to be less cluttered, i put the yarn away.  the fabric, i figure, can double as tablecloths, benchcloths, floorcloths, seatcloths, etc.  that’s what i keep telling the dude anyhow.  not sure i’ve convinced him.

back to the yarn. i put it away. now, a more rational person would put them in a place that would make sense or at least memorable.  that same rational person would then be able to find the yarn when needed because they would have put it in a logical, memorable location.

i am not that person.

i’m in the middle of knitting a christmas gift and i cannot for the life of me find the other skein! i’ve searched the play areas, the toy bins, cupboards (really, i did), craft room, basement, boxes, drawers. nada.


along with the missing skein to finish up said christmas gift, i’ve somehow misplaced an additional 12 balls of yarn! ok, before you exclaim over the 12 skeins, some of them were gifted to me.  the others? well, apparently i had entered into a race of who can build a stash the fastest.

i have no idea where that yarn went.  i’m starting to think two things:

1) it would be much easier to have a sheep on hand so i could just shear it for fleece when needed.  granted, that would mean i’d have to learn to card, spin, etc. but those are details.

2) i would never make it as a squirrel.  those nuts would stay forever hidden and i’d starve.

(photo is of malabrigo velvet grape and my dadgum half finished christmas present! well, it wasn’t half finished here but you know what i mean… WHERE IS THAT OTHER SKEIN?!)


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2 Responses to nuts

  1. estherlim says:

    Try the closet. Or…the fridge…?

    • mamacharm says:

      turns out the skein i was looking for was under the stairs. some of the rest were in the guest bathroom downstairs in a storage tower (that i don’t frequent by any stretch of the imagination). the rest are still AWOL and refuse to report in for duty. scallywags.

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