that’s what she said

some gems from the lil miss:

on not being able to watch any videos on the ipad: what? why? (because it is not time to watch videos.  mommy and daddy both agree that this is not the time.) *pause* teddy bear says it is ok.

on the potty: i cover my poopie with my peepee.  i cover it all up.

on the potty at a restaurant: can you please go out there? close the door? i need my privacy. *does business* oops!

on her favorite color, purple: why i like the color purple?

on singing: if you’re happy and you know it, hit your face.

also on singing: the teacher on the bus says “don’t do that!”

on eating vegetables: i think that’s a bad idea.  it’s not good for me.

on her brother, bean: hi, you little you.

on siblings: i have five sisters.  and i have six brothers. (to clarify: NO we don’t have that many kids. just lil miss and bean. yikes.)

on going night night: first, i have to put the big kids to bed.  i put my dollies on their cots.  i cover them up with blankies. i need to sing songs to them.  where’s my night night water?  read books?  not that one. the one downstairs. i have to go potty. it’s hot in here. why you turn on heat? why daddy car outside?  is gaga outside?  why there dog and cat out there? i think the moon is out there.   put the pillow on this side. sing me a song? two songs? no, wait. i have to lie down first. cover me up.  no, i don’t want a blanket. cover me up. ok. now sing me a song. how about this one? no, it goes like this.  kiss my hand. kiss my eye.  kiss my feet…….. mommy? i really love you.


you guys?! thank you for your votes and support over at stitchedincolor‘s celebrate color event.  i’m honored to be part of such a wonderfully supportive and creative group of people.  so, truly, thanks and thanks.


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