dear bean,

you are a gorgeous, chubby, happy little bundle of six month old baby goodness. you are desperately trying to get from point a to point b, willing your well-fed legs to move forward.

you smile every time i walk into the room. and, oh, what a smile. it makes my heart melt. it is the gummy smile of pure joy and it makes me lose focus on what’s around me other than your brilliant eyes studding that cherubic face, radiating pure, unbridled love and happiness.

which is a good thing for you, because i otherwise might not have so easily forgiven the fact that you blessed my madelinetosh merino light yarn knitting with your golden showers during a diaper change.





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2 Responses to hazards

  1. Angie S. says:

    Oh no! That really made me laugh. Might want to use a double dose of Soak wash to get that out.

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