caffeine iv please

some people wake up to an alarm clock. the mechanical kind. or maybe the internal kind. others of us wake up to babies and toddlers who need.attention.right.this.second.NOW.

and some of those babies may have started solids, reintroducing us to the wonderful world of technicolor diapers.

or not.

because if the baby poops mid diaper change and into his sleep sack… well.

also, the world is highly unjust to a three year old toddler this morning as evinced by the body hurling, 45 minute tantrum.

obviously, the hospital forgot to send me home with a butler, one preferably named weatherby with an english accent. scones and tea to be included.


merry making is underway. i finally found that other skein. (under the stairs – clearly the logical place for storage. perhaps my health insurance card is there as well.) so, stay tuned for some knitted items eye candy!

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