it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas

so, remember all that yarn i had misplaced? yeah. that yarn. well, it turns out that it was in the storage tower that is in the guest bathroom.

do i use that guest bathroom? no.

i have no idea what possessed me to put that yarn in there. i’d love to say that lil miss put it there but i’d be blatantly lying. and i do want to be on the nice list this year.

well, here it is. one of the handmade gifts for christmas, specifically for my brother-in-law’s long time girlfriend. it’s the honey cowl from madelinetosh using malabrigo. i’m not gonna lie. this cowl felt like it took an eternity. like i ought to actively look into age defying facial creams because that’s how long it was taking me – i was aging with each and every stitch.


look at it. it’s gorgeous. if i do say so myself. so, i am going to be casting on another one. right now.

and here’s another handmade gift for someone very dear. this is purlbee’s colorblock hand warmers made with madelinetosh merino light. you guys, this may be my most favorite yarn i’ve used. it is unbelievably soft and the fabric. oh, the fabric. this is going to be hard for me to gift.

the colors are luminescent – they really have a pearly sheen to them. amazing.

the pattern? well, they’re kinda like legwarmers for your wrists and hands. they’re slouchy and comfy. kinda like boyfriend jeans. you know, if he isn’t the hipster type wearing those skinny jeans that make me jealous because really i can’t even fit into those jeans and those guys are flaunting it and really i should end my rant on hipster guy skinnyjeansrightherebecauseicouldprobablygoonandonandon.

and here’s a preview of things to come. a very special boy is going to be entering our lives come spring. and he is going to be a very blessed boy because his parents are awesome. (and really, i should say here that all of my siblings are/will be awesome parents. they just have a huge heart for children, you know?)*

*see, if one were being diabolical or cynical, they’d think that i was just typing this to get on said nice list. but! i really do mean this. my brothers and their wives are genuinely awesome.


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  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Alisa says:


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