red badge of courage

the holidays are here.  how does one know?  well, there are the gingerbread lattes available at starbucks (or the salted caramel mochas which are my favorite addiction).  holiday twinkle lights. wreaths popping out on doors.  christmas trees playfully peeking out of windows.  christmas music on the radio.

at my house? it’s the burn on my arm from the iron, the never ending knitting, long nights of sewing, the sleeve that somehow i might have sewn onto the wrong bodice part, the scraps of fabric littering the house, the constant search for chibi needles, the frenzied eyes as i realize that it’s already december 14th (no, you calendar, you are lying!  we are so not going to be friends, are we?).

oh.  and dismembered ornaments as they meet tragic fates in the hands of a toddler.


but, it’s not all bad.  we’re using an advent calendar and it’s been fun.  it mostly involves just the lil miss as the bean is too young to appreciate anything other than a whisk for his gumming pleasure.  yesterday, we went to a shop and picked out nail colors for an at-home manicure.  lil miss stated emphatically to the nice lady at the shop that she wanted “santa colors.  santa red and sparkles.”

so here they are.

this is the first time i’ve painted her nails, and i have to say her little hands are awfully cute with “sparkle santa colors.”  my goodness, i love that little girl.


187 squares.  this is the finished top for the bean.  lil miss’ is up next, another 187 squares.  187+187+christmas deadline = a bijillion quadrillion squares.

(oddly, the top looks unfinished.  i took this photo by hanging the top onto a curtain rod.  the fading sun caused the seams to look super prominent giving it an overall unfinished look.  but, thankfully for this mama, this top really and truly is pieced and done.)


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