merry making

lil miss is in school.  gah. growingupsofast. anyhow, that’s not what i am ruminating on in this post.  nope!  today, we decided to pause the clock a bit and have a mommy and lil miss day.  we did some merry making for the teachers in our lives.

for lil miss, we made some cards and she dictated what was to be written.  the messages:

“you are my teacher. i miss you. i got star crayons. i got rapunzel doll. i love you. merry christmas.”

“i got an opal (a pig dollie). i go to school today. i’m going to see santa. merry christmas. i like you, you are my teacher.”

“i love you. merry christmas. i’m making snowflakes and i’m coloring. i’m going to color my paper.”

these little streams of consciousness are so dear to me.  it’s going to be so odd when she learns to filter her thoughts.

we also made some goody bags for two of the teachers who sew.  one of them studied costume design in college.  when i found that out, i immediately wanted to ask her out to a playdate, sans lil miss. um… awkward?  but, someone who sews!  how fun!  and she’s teaching the other teacher in lil miss’ primary class.  so here they are:

handmade drawstring pouches, pin cushion jars, and notions.  the pin cushion jars were really fun.  lil miss chose the fabrics and helped put them together.  basically, they are 4 oz canning jars with cotton filling on top, secured by the fabric (which is glued on the underside).  lil miss loves her little “cupcake” pincushions.  we’ll see how she does when it’s time to give them away.

also, we made a ton of cookies for the dude’s cookie exchange at his school for his department.  these cookies. you need to make them now because… oh boy.  these are addictive.  ridiculously good.  it’s like having a christmas party in your mouth. someone needs to make them illegal because i will eat every last one.  good thing that just about all of them are going tomorrow.

(blah.  photos taken indoors with no flash. blah.)

also also, watching the lil miss wield a meat tenderizer to pound the mints with such abandon was such fun.  it was the perfect activity: her lack of finesse was just what was needed to pulverize the candies. and she was really good at dipping the cookies into the white chocolate and then into the candies.  i mean, she didn’t put her finger in the bowl of chocolate or anything!  obviously did not learn that type of restraint from me.

also, though i said i wouldn’t, i casted on another project. BUT! bulky yarn!  a cowl!  i only have 55 yards of it anyhow… so it’ll be fast and stress free, right?  right.  plus, it’s plymouth’s bulky alpaca yarn which is butter in yarn form.  so any stress over the holidays is relieved by just stroking it.

and to be honest, i think i’m over stressing at this point.  i’m at this oddly zen place where i understand that the world isn’t going to end if i don’t get things done.  people will continue to be who they are in my life regardless of whether or not they get these things.  when i finally do get them done, perhaps they’ll join me in thinking that it’s nice to get things throughout the year?


bean decided yesterday that it was going to be THE day to crawl.  and you know what? it’s a good thing that i have those piles of clean laundry lying around and not put away.  because, and mind you i’m not necessarily saying that this happened nor that it might have happened when lil miss first was starting to crawl either, a certain baby might have just crawled off the bed and landed in a nice cushy pile of laundry.  so, i might just have to let those piles stay.  you know, for the children.


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  1. Alisa says:

    haha, so many things to love about this post!!

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