random wednesday

– while walking, lil miss spied some bell ornaments.  she called them “ring-a-bells.” “jingle bells,” the song, is also “ring-a-bell, ring-a-bell…”

– trying to get your own children to pose for a photograph is like asking a dog to make out with a cat.

– apparently there is a pile of glitter somewhere.  bean’s head is covered in it.

– i am sporting bruises on my chin, arms, and shoulders.  bean is auditioning for the new dyson vacuum cleaner role.

– breast pump flanges are multi-functional, per lil miss.  they also function as cameras and stethoscopes.  feel free to come over so she can take your picture or give you a physical.

– i gave lil miss her first haircut today, without a bowl.  it’s astonishingly ok. the dude only shed a couple of tears.

– there is nothing better than holding 20 pounds of baby chub.

– unless, said baby chub is accompanied by a christmas cookie exchange.

– is it odd to clean before someone comes over to clean your house?  because i totally am. and yes, i totally have someone coming over to clean my house tomorrow.  between two sick kids, a sick dude, and me, well, it’s just not working out. white flag, dust bunnies.  you play a mean game.

– i finished up that bulky cowl in an evening = win.

– i blocked that cowl to realize i had a dropped stitch = lose.

– thank God for christmas cookie consolation.


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