happy new year!…

happy new year!

what? oh! it’s february. yeah. about that. internet was down for an eternity in tech terms. i’m sure that apple came out with, i don’t know, two new generations of iphone while i was gone from this space. but really? it’s amazing how dependent i’ve become on technology. i don’t think i realized how much content i consume via the internet.

on the other hand, things got made. also? the help desk and i are best buds now. i expect half a broken heart bff necklace any day now.

anyhow, christmas was a bit of a mess, what with everyone having been sick (and some of us are still sick, lovely). but i was able to get some things done for new year’s. new things for a new year? works for me!

first up, more fingerless gloves. this pair was again made in madelinetosh merino light.

these joined the previous blue pair and gifted to a couple of very dear friends who live clear across the country. i hope that as they wear them, that they’ll be reminded that someone cares for them very much on this side of the states and that distance certainly doesn’t affect affection.

these were made in madeline tosh merino light again in the earl grey, milk, and steam age colorways. i can’t say enough how much i adore this yarn. unbelievably soft and the colors are utterly amazing.

this earl grey, especially? ohmygoodness. i want a blanket made out of this. any volunteers?

and these quilts. oh, how i love these quilts.

i made one for lil miss and one for the bean.

i wish i could type that i had made one for me and the dude, but alas no. these storyboek prints are so utterly charming that i wish i could decorate the children’s room with them.

typically i use quilter’s dream request batting, but the local quilt shop didn’t have it. so, i bought quilter’s dream bamboo blend batting. and oh my yummy goodness. the drape and hand of it are so supple. i think i’ve found a new favorite batting.

i backed these in anna maria horner’s voile in the pastry line. you guys? this voile is so stinking soft. i keep stroking it. it just feels so soft and it’s perfect for cuddling under.

in fact, lil miss immediately took to it. sigh, love.

it warms this mama’s heart to know that i can wrap my babies up in these quilts, literally covering them with love.

and a small update on the new little one to join our extended family? he’s a-coming in the next few weeks and i can.not.wait! here’s a bit of a preview of what was made.

see this button?

this button is personally responsible for my staying up till 1:30AM, searching for 2.5 hours for the perfect button. it’s vintage from the dude’s grandma’s button box. little button, i think i’m done building character, thankyouverymuch.


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2 Responses to happy new year!…

  1. Alisa says:

    Those quilts came out so beautifully, mama!! and what in the world, that little button sweater??!! AAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Holy cow…those quilts are gorgeous hun! Love them! and your fingerless gloves are yummy too…but yep, those quilts are beautiful. Great job. I also understand about the button dilemma, happens to me all the time. Darn those buttons 😛

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