in the quiet

it’s been quiet.  very quiet.

so, i’ve been searching for a job for some time now.  and things have been quiet on that front.  who knew that it would take so long?  it’s been three and a half months.

on the flip side, i’m so grateful i get this time.  to be able to watch bean grow up in this amazing point in his life.  well?  i really can’t complain.  it’s been such an incredible experience, and one i’ll be sad to have come to an end when it will.

seeing these two together makes time so precious.  this love that they have for each other is simple and beautiful.  it makes my heart brim with all things that are warm.  it’s all i can do to not scoop them up and squeeze them because they have their own rhythm.

shucks.  who am i kidding?  i have no qualms about disturbing their rhythm and squeezing them.  squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.  i want my arms to remember forever the imprint of their tiny selves.

Lord, i am so blessed.

also? sticker-ed outfit courtesy of the lil miss.  she’s available for styling engagements immediately.


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