heralding a baby

there is something so magical about babies.  their innocence. their smell. their soft skin.  their smiles and coos.

in short, their awesomeness.

also?  i’msoexcitedtohaveanewnephewjoiningthefamilyanydaynow.  yay!

my lovely sister-in-law had a baby shower thrown in her and baby boy’s honor and i wasn’t able to make it. sad. but? facetime!  so it was like i was there.  love technology.  here are some of the things that got sent though to the wonderful hostess for her to open!

this itty bitty sweater.  this was so fun to knit and i have a feeling bean might get one soon.  sure would make it easier if he’d slow down on his growing though so that i could figure out what size to make him.  right now, i make him something and then he sneezes and grows again.  cute little stinker.

this was knit in lornas laces’ greenline in echo and stonehedge fiber mill worsted in i can’t remember the colorway.  oatmeal?

burpclothes.  i use them all the time and have one with me constantly.  made from cotton cloth diapers, they can work as a diaper in a pinch.

a little onesie freezer paper stenciling and applique.  who needs a stork to deliver babies?  my sister-in-law’s father loved helicopters and he’s at rest above now.  i’m certain that he’s watching over and her family in love and has helped this baby make his way down to her family.  every good and perfect gift comes from above, right?  the freezer paper stenciling didn’t come out as saturated as i had hoped, but practice makes perfect, right?

and this.  this is lil miss’ contribution.  i love that she has this huge heart for babies and she’s excited to meet “a different bean.”

we also sent some aden+anais swaddling blankets (our favorites) and a sleeper outfit.

we can’t wait to meet you, different bean!!!  there are a million kisses waiting for you.


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