a long yarn

well. i guess not really.  it just feels like a long yarn.  you see, i saw this pattern ages ago and fell in love with it.  the way the cables were, the shape, the variety of projects. gorgeous.  happily, i plunked the pattern in my ravelry cart and gleefully watched as paypal took my money and exchanged it for this pattern.  one day soon, my pretty.  one day soon.

i had some leftover lornas laces green line worsted in blackberry, the same yarn used in grape.  and seeing as how lil miss is still bleeding purple, well, this was going to work out perfectly.

it probably would have too, except i’m a nitwit.  i couldn’t follow the directions at all in the beginning.  i think i must have ripped this sweater apart 4-5 times before i finally got it.  but when i did, i’m so glad i persevered because the sweater?  swoon..

it’s reverse stockinette and the cables stand out brilliantly against that purled backdrop.  the shape has just enough swing to it.  and it perfectly accommodates the still round belly of my three year old.  when she loses that belly?  well, i think the sweater will still hang beautifully

these buttons were chosen by lil miss.  a couple of years ago, we had the chance to go to mood in nyc. we bought these there.  every time i see them, i think of tim gunn and his parting words to the store: thank you, mood!

the pattern is thorough, but you really need to read through the instructions carefully.  the instructions for the cable portion is farther back – something i neglected to realize.  but the pattern maker helpfully clarified things for me.

go cast this on. it’s a good one.


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