mulligan, please

oh my stinking goodness.

between 7:23AM and 7:48AM:

– bean poops.  not just poops, but explodes.

– explodes all over our bed.

– bean puts hand in poop.

– my hands get covered in poop.

– lil miss comes over. i take bean to bathroom.

– lil miss falls off our bed.

– bean attempts to throw self into toilet.

– bean falls and scratches back while lunging for who knows what.

– lil miss pokes electrical outlet with pen.

– i slap “free” post-its on foreheads of tykes and walk to curb.

– just kidding.

– post on craigslist.  duhz.

just kidding.

but you guys, i had yet to have coffee.

that’s right.  NO COFFEE YET.

i have fixed that.  the homemade bread this morning is a brilliant bonus.

also? i’m seriously considering wine in a sippy cup for myself this morning.


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