a random list

:: time goes by awfully quickly. how is it that bean is already ten months and one week?
:: which reminds me, i need to get taxes done.
:: no knead bread is brilliant. utterly brilliant.
:: i finished a knitting project! yay!
:: i’ve been sewing too. oliver+s patterns, too, are utterly brilliant.
:: i’m looking forward to doing some needlework now. so meditative.
:: on the other hand, there’s summer sewing to be done. can’t really resist those sundresses and now i’ve got a boy to dress too.
:: any recommendations for the boy?
:: how is it that baby fingernails grow so fast?
:: i can’t wait for berry picking season. bring on the canning!
:: i’m not sure that my self from ten years ago would recognize me now.
:: and i’m totally down with that.


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