Black hole

My ten month old bean fell yesterday. Fell so hard that his two top teeth that had just erupted the day before were knocked loose. The right one less so.

But the left one.

That left one was all out and hanging at a 45 degree angle. My heart stopped.

We went to two ERs. At the second one, an oral surgeon extracted the left tooth. My honey bear of a boy.

Biggest risks are damage to his adult teeth and baby teeth coming in improperly spaced.

I know I should be grateful that nothing more serious occurred. That bean is acting just fine, crawling and laughing and raspberry blowing.


I can’t help but feel like bean deserves so much better, that I failed him in the most egregious way because I wasn’t there to catch him.

I’m still waiting for my heart to start beating.


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2 Responses to Black hole

  1. A says:

    Bean deserves the best and he has it in you, mama. Keeping you guys in our prayers.

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