a change of pace: bold soul

i wrote this on friday, april 6.  didn’t get a chance to post it till now and i considered going through and changing the verbiage to make it more grammatically correct, but blah blah blah.  totally overcome by inertia.


this week.

i just need it to go.

i need a change of pace.

a little bit of pretty.  a little distraction.  a little reminder that there is something beyond doctors’ appointments, dental appointments, medicinal syringes, tears. a little rainbow.

thank you, bold soul.

when lil miss first started school, she had the most fabulous teacher.  she was a free spirit, genuinely interested in children, kind, knowledgeable in all things toddler, and armed with a strong sense of humor.

also? SHE SEWED!!!!

i was all, can i totally ask miss k for a playdate? and the dude was all, one eyebrow raised.

whatevs.  you’re not the boss of me.

ok. fine. you’re right.  whole boundary thing, being school teacher blah blah blah.

anyhow, lil miss moved out of her classroom as she turned three and miss k moved on to pursue her creative pursuits.  brava!

bold soul is her etsy shop. a while ago, i had spied a gorgeous necklace and resolved to make it mine when things got better.  well, things got better as (praise God!) a couple of consulting gigs landed and i looked at her shop again.

oh, woe.  big woe is me.  the interwebs betrayed me and some villain purchased the necklace.

it ain’t no thing, said the ever fabulous miss k.  and, today, at the end of what has been perhaps my most trying week since becoming a parent, my rainbow came.

it’s beautiful and i love it.  it’s got a great weight to it and the colors? so serene.

and i need serene.


it’s been child approved.

also? look at what she included for lil miss.  a matching bracelet.  so incredibly thoughtful and kind.  see?  miss k is indeed fabulous.

thank you so much for bringing a little pretty to my week, miss k!


lil miss is enamored with the bracelet and necklace, with good reason, and has laid vehement claim to both. dude and i took these photos while she was sleeping because she wouldn’t let me touch the necklace while she was awake. upon waking, she came down the stairs and looked at the necklace.  she wondered why the clasp wasn’t closed.

“mommy?  did you try on the necklace? did you put it on?”

smart girl.


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