time gets away from me quickly.  it’s remarkably consistent that way.  i meant to blog about this months ago when it was completed but never did.  any old who, i love this.

(excuse the wrinkled shirt… wrinkles are the new black for me.)

it’s the rocky coast cardigan with the knitbot modifications.  what a pleasure it was to knit.  yarn is fibre company’s canopy worsted in river dolphin.  it is an incredibly gorgeous yarn and feels like a super soft hug.

so i hug it right back.

some people who know i knit marvel at the amount of time it takes to make something.  after all, it’s a loop by little loop process.  knitting, for me, is such a wonderfully tactile experience with such pragmatic results.  and when you’re knitting with gorgeous yarns, well, that’s just icing on the cake.

also?  i like cake.

i can eat cake while wearing this cardigan. and that, that would be perfection.


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