one year

dear bean,

you turned one on may 23rd. i’m not sure how that crept on me, but it did. i tried my darnedest to keep it from happening, to no avail. you are my little honey bear. gentle, sweet, chock full of squishy baby fat that i love to squeeze so much.

you’ve had an eventful year, reminding this mama how incredible a person’s first year in life really is. you’ve managed to crawl, grow teeth, lose a tooth (smack my head), blow raspberries, drool, eat, steal hearts… you know, the usual.

you’re still iffy on food, though you do love your rice and dried seaweed. and cheerios. hoo, boy. they must be lacing those little innocent o’s with some sort of baby crack. i’m fairly certain you would sell us all out for a box. you love baths for it is a big tub of water. water is your favorite, well, everything. you get so indignant when you reach for our cups and then find that you can’t drink it right. as if that water is betraying you. bad water.

you love your sister. your feet. us. grabbing poopy… um, parts. crawling. good thing those knees are padded.

sometimes i look at you and wonder at what you will be passionate about as you grow. i’ve never met such a studious baby. you actually build things with blocks/legos and you can play with one toy for long stretches of time, turning things over in your hands and putting things in their place, rolling cars and trains.

and then i stop myself from wondering and simply marvel at who you are right now.

my honey bear baby.

it’s been a long trip around the sun and i’m glad we made it together.

love you so much,

mama who is writing this two weeks later


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