wee sweater

i took a pause in knitting my sweater for luvinthemommyhood‘s summer sweater KAL, a very good pause indeed.

wait.  that makes it sound like a long pause.  i really mean that the pause was a lovely one.  it was a pause to help herald a baby!  yay!  the best kind of pause.

my sister-in-law is expecting a little girl at the end of september and for her shower i knit up this little confection.  this fairly flew off the needles, seeing as it’s a newborn size kimono knitted in worsted weight.  what a change from my pullover in sport weight.

with the kimono, i knit this little cap.  what an adorable pattern, right?  it’s constructed like turning a heel on a sock.

both are knit with berocco’s ultra alpaca and some lornas laces’ greenline worsted.  i absolutely adore both yarns.

in the end, i think this can count towards the summer sweater KAL, right?  goodness, i’m so excited for this niece… can’t wait to squeeze her!!!

my sweater?  well, it’s still going.  i’m mostly done with the torso… i think i have about 4-5 inches to go.  this picture is from a little while ago, so it’s longer now.

i thought i would have been done with the torso a while ago but i’ve been swamped with work and some sewing (which i can’t wait to share!).  and speaking of things to share, check these out:

i love these little stitch markers.  they are made by jennie the potter and they give me a little burst of happiness each time i come to one.  love them.

and i’ll leave you with this little detail.  how pretty are cables?  and how pretty is this gray?  three cheers for talented designers and yarn dyers!


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One Response to wee sweater

  1. A says:

    I didn’t get to see that sweet little sweater at the shower, but how adorable is that! Makes me wanna have another little girl.. ;*)

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