4? 4!

oh, dear. my lil miss.


you done did it again. you went ahead and had another birthday and grew another year older. if i could pause this moment in time, i’d do it in a heartbeat. life moves by so quickly.

this is a bit late, seeing as how your birthday was october 5… but i think i’m just finally starting to recover from the chaos that led to your party. oh, goodness. it should have been a sign when i told your dad, “i need your help! i can’t do everything for this wedding!”

step away, lady. step away.

anyhow, this past year has been fantastic with you. you’ve become so articulate and you turn a phrase ever so nicely. you have some pronunciation issues, like “fparkle” or “fpoon,” but i’m not gonna lie. i love it. it’s a bit of your toddlerhood that remains. no doubt, you’re surging ahead into girlhood and these remnants too will fleetly fly. in the meantime, i’ll listen to you babble about how “fpecial” your ginger dolly is and your “yippee yay yo”s echoing throughout our little home.

sometime over this past year, i thought maybe, or hoped, that you’d venture away from princesses. nope. still your favorite. especially belle. and rapunzel. and purple? you strip dolls of their clothes unless they are purple. purple is mandatory.

you’ve become such a… a person. a person i love and adore. we walked to school this morning, hand in hand, and we crossed all the “friendly icebergs” (cracked sidewalk) and jumped like deer. well, you jumped like a fawn, according to you. sometimes, i just want a glimpse of what goes on in between your two ears. it must be magical.

you love to dance – it makes my heart happy to see you turn on music and to start twirling. even if it is to “gangnam style.” yikes. you eat more fruit than a bat and abhor mushrooms. you will tolerate broccoli and “junior asparagus.” and if your neck hurts, you know that mommy’s ophthalmologist will give you “swizzlers.” or that if you ask, daddy will likely take you to pinkalicious – what you call our favorite gelato place.

i love seeing how you interact with your brother, how you love books, how you love songs. i love how you love life, seizing it with both hands and running with it. i love your hugs, your “but i need you!” cries,… pretty much your everything. i’m so blessed to be your mama.

happy birthday, little one. you make my heart full.


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2 Responses to 4? 4!

  1. Amy says:

    So lovely. You’ve done some magic here yourself and made me look forward to 4, when I sometimes wish *I* could freeze time at 2. Happy Birthday to your lil miss; we really loved meeting her!

    (On another note… “fparkle” is going to make me grin all day.)

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